Francisco Alatorre

Francisco Alatorre is a guitar player who was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1980. He started his career at 12, He took private music lessons and further on he enrolled the Music school at the University of Guadalajara in 1995.

Francisco studied Flamenco guitar with reknown teacher Fernando Martinez Peralta in 1998. He played with outstanding Flamenco rumba Bands such as Al-andaluz performing with Diego Marquez “El Sevillano” in several national tours. In addition he also played with Agua Brava, a band that portrayed complex music of the world’s fusion. Finally he played with Rumba Nova , this band did incorporate latin feels in the rumba flamenca and was well recognized in different parts of the country due to its performances that led it to the recording of their firs record called AGUA BRAVA, a very successful one among the band’s audience.

After the band’s split up , Francisco was kindly invited to perform in a prestigious hotel in San Jose del Cabo so he moved to Baja California Sur in 2003. There he started his career as a soloist and composer along with two young fellas; Juan Garcia and Fernando Delgadillo as producers who followed him along the path and still work together nowadays.

In 2010 he met Aide Carreño in Cabo, teacher and recognized Flamenco dancer, who along with Francisco organized the Los Cabos Flamenco festival in 2010 and 2011.

Francisco left the stage and lights when he realized that people liked to have a closer encounter with music, something he calls “Short distance Art” so he has branched out to start a new career different from his peers.

He is convinced that art can be found in very special moments such as a dinner, wedding or event that can be colored with the ambience music evokes. This is how this idea has excited and motivated diferent entertainers in cabo who have joined to the FA Entertainment company which Francisco Leads, and that has become a favorite one among the people who really enjoy the inspiring feelings music provokes.

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